Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sisters that Changed History: Tru'ng Sisters and Kindle Fire Giveaway!

This month in our series of Sisters that Changed History, we visit Vietnam during the first century A.D. These two gals are kinda like the Vietnamese Joan of Arc.

Tru'ng Trac and her younger sister, Tru'ng Nhi were born in Gaio Chi (Northern Vietnam) to a military family. As they grew up under the Han Dynasty, Vietnam was under Chinese rule. With their father being the prefect of the county, the two girls were made to study martial arts and war strategy, which they utilized later in life.

At some point, a neighboring prefect came to visit Tru'ng's father. The neighboring prefect's son, Thi Sach, met and fell in love with the eldest daughter and a marriage was arranged.

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