Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Garden Tomb and #giveaway

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With the new movie Risen coming out, and Easter drawing near, I thought I would take ya'll on a trip with me to visit the Garden Tomb in Israel.
The Garden Tomb
Out of all the sites that we visited during our trip to the Holy Land, this one tops them all. There are actually two places near Jerusalem that claim to be the place that Jesus was buried. There is the Catholic Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and then there is the Garden Tomb which was claimed by Protestants, which is where our tour took us. I found the facts about the Garden Tomb to be very interesting, and thought you might too.

The Garden Tomb is a beautiful place that simply takes your breath away. As you enter, you are met by plants, flowers and stone landscaping that transports you to the Biblical era. The site is very unique, and after hearing the guide's explanation, I too was led to believe that this might very well be the sepulchre of Joseph of Arimathea, which Jesus borrowed.
Click here to read the post and enter the giveaway.

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