Monday, March 14, 2016

Are You a Puppy-Monkey-Baby Christian?

Superbowl commercials have been a cultural phenomenon for a long time. Some folks are more interested in the commercials than the football game!

This year, there was one commercial in particular that garnered a lot of attention. Not for how clever it was, but for how...weird? Strange? Kinda gross? Those of you who saw the Puppy-Monkey-Baby commercial know what I am talking about. There were even memes going around on social media about the strangeness of this advertisement.
But you know what is the most interesting thing about the Puppy-Monkey-Baby commercial? Everyone remembers the commercial, but almost NOBODY knows WHAT they were advertising.

I was recently listening to a sermon about how our lives as Christians should be a billboard for Jesus Christ. This sermon caused me to pause and question myself. I realized that I needed to ask the question, "Am I a Puppy-Monkey-Baby Christian?"

Even though I claim to be a Christian, even though I claim that my life is dedicated to Him, is that what my life really shows? Do people look at my life and see Christ and His character, or do they look at my life and think, 'what does that have to do with Jesus and the Bible?'

Then, I realized I needed to take it even further. What does my social media advertise? Does the 'me' people see on Facebook and Pinterest show a good advertisement for Christ? Or does what they see have nothing to do with Christianity and a Biblical life?

If the things I do, the things I post, the things I enjoy, the things I have a fascination with, don't reflect a Christ-like, Bible-based life, then I need to weed it out. I want my billboard to reflect Jesus Christ. I want to advertise His love, His righteousness, His forgiveness, His ability to change one's life.

Lord, please help me to show forth You in all that I do. Let me not be guilty of being a Puppy-Monkey-Baby Christian.

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  1. Love this post! It's so encouraging. And I also loved the sermon. :)