Saturday, July 18, 2015

This Day in Christian History: Birth of Heinrich Bullinger

This Day in Christian History: July 18

July 18, 1504: Birth of Heinrich Bullinger

Heinrich Bullinger was born to Heinrich Bullinger senior, a Dean of the capitular church, in Switzerland. At that time, clerical concubinage had been sanctioned by the Bishop of Constance, and Heinrich was the fifth born son from Heinrich senior and his concubine, Anna Wiederkehr.

Heinrich intended to follow his father into the clergy, but it was during his college years that he came in contact with Luther's teaching. Heinrich came to the conclusion that Luther's teaching was faithful to the Bible, whereas the Catholic church order. He ceased receiving the Eucharist, which banned him from clerical posts.

Bullinger began aiding later succeeding Zwingli, carrying on his work until he died in 1575.

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