Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This Day in Christian History: April 28, Israel Recognized by the UK

This Day in Christian History: April 28

April 28, 1950: Israel Recognized by the UK

Almost two years after Israel's declaration, the government of Britain finally recognized Israel as a state. They were the last power in the world to do so. They also recognized the annexation by Transjordan of the Arab part of Palestine at the same time. Britain’s decisions were communicated today to Israel and Transjordan by her diplomatic representatives in Tel Aviv and Amman.

According to the Global Jewish News reported on April 28, 1950:
Winston Churchill, welcoming the announcement by the British Minister, told the members of Commos that President Chaim Weizmann of Israel and King Abdullah of Transjordan have always been staunch friends of Great Britain. He urged the British Government to bring these two “eminent men” into closer harmonious contact. He asked whether the British Government is embarking on such a course.

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