Thursday, March 5, 2015

This Day in Christian History: March 5

This Day in Christian History: March 5

March 5, 1850: Birth of Daniel B. Towner

Daniel B. Towner was an American musical evangelist born on March 5, 1850. Daniel received his early music training from his father, but he later studied under John Howard, George Root, and James Webb. He achieved a Doctorate of Music in 1900 from the American Temperance University in Tenesee.

He began as the music director for his Lutheran church in New York, but later joined the Methodist movement, and became associated with Moody Bible Institute.

Among Daniels most famous compositions are:
At Calvary ("Years I Spent in Vanity and Pride")
 Marvelous Grace of our Loving Lord
My Anchor Holds
Trust and Obey
What Will It Be When We See Him?

Daniel died at age 69 on October 3, 1919. 

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