Monday, February 2, 2015

Cave of the Winds: Historical Colorado Cave & Giveaway! Part 3

Cave of the Winds: Historical Colorado Cave & Giveaway! Part 3

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Okay, in this last part of the Cave of the Winds series, we're going into the different formations found in the cave.

This is one of my favorite formations. They call it "Cave Bacon." Formally, it is a curtain formation of flowstone. The iron and calcium that are prevalent in Cave of the Winds give it the red and white coloring.

The stalactites in Cave of the Winds are tubular, meaning they are hollow in the middle when they're first formed, and then fill in later. Here you can see the different coloring of the center of the formation, this is due to the tubular formation process. There are a lot of these "soda straw" formations in Cave of the Winds.
This is the only cavern in Cave of the Winds that is still forming. The rest of the cave is dormant.
The above formations are known as Cave Coral, or Popcorn formations. They are very common, especially in limestone caves such as this one.
A formation affectionately called "The Popcorn Stand."

This one is called Romeo and Juliet, because due to a shift, they will "never be together." You gotta love the sense of humor at Cave of the Winds. Our guide was great.

This is the longest stalactite in the cave, over 8 feet long!

And the last formation for this series, Pickett's Column. I was named after the stone cutter from Ohio that excavated the cave and made it a tourist attraction in 1881.

So there you have it, it's almost like having been to Cave of the Winds yourself! Hey, you might even end up with a souvenir to show for it. This is your last chance to enter the giveaway to win this cute little guy!

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  1. Wow at all the pics! So cool!

    I smiled at the "Romeo and Juliet" formation. Too funny. :)

    Thank you for putting this together and giving us a tour!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the tour, Natalie. It is a fun place to visit! I'm hoping someday you'll come out to CO for a visit. ;)