Friday, December 26, 2014

This Day in Christian History: December 26

This Day in Christian History: December 26

December 26, 1620: The Mayflower Lands at Plymouth

Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor
The vessel Mayflower full of ambitious pilgrims looking for religious liberty set sail from Plymouth, England on September 16th, 1620. The 102 passengers spend a miserable 65 days at sea before finally arriving in the New World.

As legend has it, they stepped ashore on Plymouth Rock, but their arrival was poorly planned. December in this new world was not ideal for a people with no food stores, no shelters, and no knowledge of the land and climate. The winter of 1620 was very difficult, and by the time spring came, half of them had perished.

There is more to this story, of course, but that will be saved for another day.

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