Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Release: Samuel Adams Declaration of Independence Series.

Yesterday was the initial release of my brand new story about Samuel Adams. This short story is the second volume in Remington Colt's Revolutionary War series. I am soooooo excited about this series, and I think you might be too. :)

About the series:
 Helping Hands Press is doing a whole new series that will spotlight 4-5 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. In a series of short stories, you'll get a glimpse into the minds, hearts and lives of our founding fathers.

About this story:
 Liberty hangs in the balance. With Pennsylvania's vote divided, the declaration may not pass. Samuel Adams has two hours to convince the delegates to pass the document, or the lives sacrificed for freedom will be worthless.

Today, my story hit #1 on the Hot New Releases for Histiography on Amazon! I praise the Lord for His help and blessing on this story!

Check it out on Amazon

Also check out volume one on Amazon

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