Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The History of the Emerald: May's Birthstone

On the Heroes, Heroines and History blog, we're talking about the history of the Emerald, May's birthstone. Here's a preview of the article.

May is my favorite month. The sights, sounds and smell of Spring as it finally arrives, the baby animals that can be seen all around, the fresh smell of rain on newly growing plant sprouts. It's just a lovely time of year! And it's my birthday month. But that doesn't make me biased at all. ;)

I've always been fascinated with the birthstone of May, the emerald. It's a beautiful stone, and one with a rich history. So let's explore where this gem was first discovered, and how it has progressed through time.

The first known emeralds were mined in Egypt around 1500 B.C. That's about the time that Moses was being called by God to return to Egypt and free the Israelites from slavery. So it is possible that Hebrew slaves were the ones to mine the very first diamonds from the earth.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

All Ebooks on Sale for COVID-19

Because of the COVID-19 Stay at home order, I've discounted ALL of my ebooks to only $0.99 on Amazon. 

Ebooks can be read on any phone, tablet or computer by downloading the free Amazon kindle app. (If you need help with this, let me know!)

Books are a great way to pass the time while infusing your soul with uplifting and inspirational messages. My way of saying, stay safe and healthy.

 God bless you all!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Fun Facts about Sarah and Angelina Grimke

Today I thought I'd share a couple of interesting tidbits I stumbled upon while researching the lives of these two famous women.

Sarah Grimke
Meet the Grimke sisters, a pair of ladies who fought for civil rights during the Victorian era. I studied them while writing 12 Sisters Who Changed History, and their lives fascinated me. They were the first female advocates of abolition and women's rights in America.

Sarah Grimke was much older than Angelina, however they always shared a special bond. Raised in South Carolina on a plantation, they witnessed slavery first hand and God ignited a fire in their hearts to abolish it. They were pivotal instruments in the anti-slavery movement in America. They even supported President Lincoln in his fight to end slavery during the Civil War.

Angelina Grimke
The two sisters were quite different in personality, and even differed greatly in their beliefs and exercise of faith, but that never drove them apart. This is one of the aspects of their lives that fascinated me the most. Sarah, for example, was very intent on finding the will of the Lord even in daily mundane tasks. She didn't trust her own judgement of such things, so she would fret and worry over whether or not she had made the right decision. Is it the Lord's will for me to sweep the house today, or should I do that tomorrow? A little extreme if you're asking my personal opinion, but I admire the intense desire to please the Lord.

Angelina on the other hand, was confident in the Holy Spirit's influence and guidance in her decisions. She would pray over a matter, make a decision, and move forward trusting that the Lord would work it out.

However, despite this interesting contrast, the two sisters had the same passion, and used the same methods of oratory and writing to advocate for their cause. The work they accomplished together makes them heroines of the American culture.

I discuss the Grimke sisters and their influence on America in more detail in 12 Sisters Who Changed History.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Books For The Soul Giveaway: Inspirational Nonfiction & Ereader

Just in time for the holiday season, I've got a fun surprise I’d like to share with you!

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Sisterly Gifts & Judging a Book By Its Cover

We're talking about some interesting tidbits I stumbled across with gifts exchanged between Bloody Mary and Elizabeth Tudor on the HHHistory blog. Here's a preview of the article. 
Mary and Elizabeth Tudor are a fascinating pair of sisters. Same father, but rival mothers and seventeen years apart, it is surprising how affectionate the two were throughout most of their lives. One of the main ways that the sisters expressed their affection was through gifts exchanged. We can learn a lot about their situation and relationship from each of these. 
Mary, as the elder sister, often sent Elizabeth spending money and cloth for making clothes since King Henry often neglected attention to such details. She also gave Elizabeth many pieces of jewelry, some of these pieces can be found in museums today. Her gift giving became so much of a custom, that when the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth turned hostile, Mary’s councilors told her she should send Elizabeth away with a gift so she wouldn’t suspect something amiss. Mary gave her a beautiful sable hood and some pearls before she departed to Hertfordshire. 

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Why Did Elizabeth the Great Never Marry?

Why Did Queen Elizabeth I Never Marry?

Elizabeth I Darnley Portrait

This a question has fascinated people since Elizabeth the Great was alive. Considered one of the greatest monarchs in English history, an intelligent and pleasing woman, deemed a beauty during her time with a knack for fascinating men, it is a true curiosity. She had at least half a dozen men fall in love with her and had many offers of marriage from English poets to monarchs from allied countries, so a lack of suitors was certainly not the culprit. Why then did this woman choose to rule alone during a time when that was unthinkable? Elizabeth intentionally left a lot of ambiguity on this subject, never admitting a hard answer, but there are three main theories. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

New Release and Giveaway!

In case you haven't heard, 12 Sisters Who Changed History is now available on Amazon & Smashwords! To celebrate, we're giving away a $10 Amazon gift card as well as a paperback version of the book. You can enter to win using the rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends August 8th.

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About the Book:

The remarkable lives of twelve sisters who changed the course of history.
Historians paint pictures of amazing men and women who influenced the world, but seldom do we hear about sister duos that forever altered the course of history. Whether fighting together—or against each other—these twelve women set armies to flight, guarded homelands from invasion, transformed countries and religious systems, and begat nations. From mythical Athena and Artemis, to the English thrones of Mary & Elizabeth Tudor, the influence these women left behind is taken for granted. Join us on an inspirational journey through time as we explore the extraordinary lives of Sisters Who Changed History.
*Athena & Artemis (Ancient Greek Mythology)
*Rachel & Leah (Ancient Palestine)                                                        
*Tru’ng Trac & Tru’ng Nhi (Vietnam)
*Mary & Anne Boleyn (England)
*Mary & Elizabeth Tudor (England)
*Angelina & Sarah Grimke (United States)

What Reviewers are Saying:

 "5 Stars - This is an interesting and thoughtful look at 12 sisters who changed history." ~Becky S.

"I found it captivating. Many thoughts and perspectives that had never crossed my mind." 

"This book really got me thinking! It was interesting learning more in detail of these sisters! I really enjoyed Rachel + Leah, and Sarah + Angelina's stories the best, but they were all very interesting! Like everyone else, they went through struggles and hard-aches! Not all of them turned to God for help, but those who did found great benefits in doing so! It wasn't a hard book to read. I would recommend it!" ~ R.A. (Goodreads Reviewer)