Saturday, October 7, 2017

Meet Denny from Solve by Christmas with Giveaway

Today I'm excited to introduce you to one of the characters from my new release, Solve by Christmas. We're forcing Denny to sit in a chair for a short interrogation, which he will no doubt survive since he is so accustomed to Jasper's harsher ways. :)

Hello, Denny. Are you going to sit still, or shall I utilize Jasper's newest trinket?
No need to handcuff me with those wicked monsters. I agree to cooperate. But you'd best hurry. Mr. Rudin and Jasper will need me back at the factory soon. And I'm getting hungry.

Why don't you begin by telling us a little about yourself.
My name is Denny. I'm seventeen, and I'm currently the errand boy for Rudin Sugar Factory. Although I'm informally detective's assistant, it will become official here pretty soon.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Don't Miss Your Free Bonus

Only three days until Solve by Christmas hits the shelves! If you haven't yet snagged the pre-order bonus, now is the time. You'll get over 15 minutes of exclusive video discussing behind the scenes of the book as well as a downloadable file with printable postcards, gift tags and more.

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Here's the links to pre-order.

 About Solve by Christmas

When sabotage threatens the Rudin Sugar Factory, Detective Jasper Hollock believes this will be his first real case. But dear Mr. Rudin—the only father Jasper has ever known—holds a different assignment for his private investigator.
“I’ve struck a deal with God, Jasper, and you’re my angel.”
Mr. Rudin charges Jasper to build a “case” of reasons for his employer to continue his life. If he fails, Mr. Rudin will end it in suicide on Christmas night.
As the incidents at the factory become life threatening, Jasper’s attempts at dissuading Mr. Rudin prove futile, and Jasper is left staring at the stark reality of his own soul. Time is ticking. Jasper must solve both cases by Christmas before Mr. Rudin, the company, and Jasper’s faith, are dragged to perdition. Will this be the Christmas Jasper truly discovers what makes life worth living?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sisters That Changed History: Sarah & Angelina Grimke

Continuing our series of Sisters That Changed History, we're now brought to the antebellum era in the United States.

Although thirteen years apart, Sarah and Angelina Grimke were very close and became legends during their own lifetimes.

Sarah Grimke (Public Domain)

Sarah was born into the home of a wealthy South Carolina family on November 26, 1792. Her father was a prominent Charleston judge and a slaveholder. He was a strict disciplinarian who believed his children should learn hard work. As a result, he would often send them out to work among the slaves in the cotton and corn fields. Although we don’t know the exact instances, it must have been here that Sarah, as well as her younger sister, Angelina, saw something at a young age that made a very deep impression on them. It caused them to fiercely oppose slavery despite the contrary opinions of the rest of their family.

Read the rest of the article here.

Now available for pre-order!

I'm also pleased to announce that Solve by Christmas is now available for pre-order! AND we have a fantastic pre-order bonus for you as well. 

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nazi Version of Titanic & Cover Reveal Invitation

This Tuesday on Stitches Through Time, my blogging buddy Terri Wangard shared a very interesting tidbit about a Nazi version of the Titanic movie. It was so interesting that I just HAD to share it.

Cover Reveal COMING UP!!

I also wanted to let ya'll know that I will be releasing the cover for my new Christmas boo, Solve by Christmas, on Monday evening!

This goes along with an amazing Christmas in July extravaganza. There will be a FB party on Monday evening, and then we've got over 20 Christian Christmas books on sale for only $0.99 cents! It's going to be amazing, so I hope you'll stop by.

My new cover will be revealed between 9:30 -10:00pm EDT.
Here's the link

You don't have to have a FB account to take advantage of the 99cent sale. I'll be sharing that link with you on the blog later (when it goes live) so that you don't miss it.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Last Chance to Enter the Christian Audiobook Giveaway!

Hey ya'll, the giveaway ends tonight, so be sure to get your entries in!

I’ve teamed up with 15+ fantastic Christian fiction authors to give away a huge collection of novels to 2 lucky winners, PLUS a Kindle Fire to the Grand Prize winner! 

You can win my novel The Swaddling Clothes, plus books from authors like Cara Putnam and Elizabeth Camden.

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